Johnston City Hall

Johnston, Iowa
  • Client
    City of Johnston
  • SQ. FT.
  • Budget
  • Market
  • Year
    Estimated 2020

This new city hall is situated in the heart of a thriving Midwestern metro. It is intended to be the core of a new development that will include this civic structure surrounded by public amenities and mixed-use commercial components to create a new district to anchor the community as it celebrates its 50-year anniversary. The building was conceived of as public and private components joined by a central hall that axially connected circulation through the entirety of the site and building. It will house all components of the new city hall, including council chambers and meeting rooms on its public, south half, and all city offices on its private, north half. It was planned for flexibility and growth as the community evolves and maximizes efficiency for public users and employees. It is imperative that the project is community and service oriented. The building opens to a community “front yard” that will be a forum, plaza, amphitheater, market and events space to draw the community in and engage with it. The material palette of limestone, wood and metal furthers this goal, by imparting a sense of civic permanence while underscoring it as an inviting community building. This natural material palette carries through the interior to reinforce the clarity of the public/private components and the interior/exterior connections, while also referencing the site and its history. Wood elements make use of walnut, oak and ash trees that were cleared from the site and milled for re-use in the building. These features and the overall building layout are arranged on an organizational module that references the history of the site and the city as it formed around a railroad station. The building module and scale of elements, such as the exterior double columns, are set by the historic railway systems and the width of the railroad components.

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