Who we are

We are renowned for creating smart, beautiful and expressive spaces.

  • 40+ Years and 14 market sectors strong
  • 100+ Employees in four cities
  • 34+ LEED Projects 20 Gold plus 2 platinum certified
  • 3.6 Million+ SF of LEED Certified Projects results of smart, sustainable design
  • $225 Million/Year in Average Annual Construction Value a regional leader in architecture with work across the county
  • 54+ Awards from industry and community

Meet our leadership

This group fearlessly leads our teams, pushes boundaries in the design world, and above all pursues and inspires excellence in all things.

Our Team
Daniel Thies Principal
Terry Gebard Principal
Roger Worm Principal
David Sorg Principal
Richard Seely Principal
Wesley Reynolds Principal
Danielle Hermann Associate Principal
Justin Bishop Associate Principal
Kristin Lewis Associate Principal

Life at OPN

Our Culture
“We go beyond the ordinary.”
Mark Kruser Project Architect
“I knew I wanted to be an architect when I was 4 years old, playing with an airplane lego set from Rome.”
Brett Virgl Architectural Intern

Building a better world

At the center of our core values is our shared commitment to community involvement. OPN is invested in the well-being of its communities and often donates time, talent, and money to organizations in need. As a firm, we regularly undertake pro-bono projects; office-wide, we annually support Habitat for Humanity, Canstruction, and United Way. Our designers serve on boards and committees for national- and state-level professional organizations and have been recognized for their advocacy in architectural and civic life. In the aftermath of the devastating floods of 2008, OPN offered its services to civic and corporate entities to recover and revive the affected areas, including Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Des Moines, Iowa.

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