OPN’s Des Moines office is a modern and dramatic space carved out of the first floor of a six-story historic warehouse in Des Moines’ original warehouse district. They are intensely competitive over their ping-pong skills and you can typically find a game happening over lunch. They have been known for coming up with studio recipes including a very famous pasta sauce (secret ingredient-eggs. shh.). They regularly partake in volunteer outings or social outings because those things are fun and also because they genuinely enjoy hanging out! They're a big studio but make up for it by being intentionally collaborative on projects and pushing each other's design as they all have the common goal of being the best they can.

In the heart of downtown.

There's always something new and interesting happening on my commute, and the building and practice feels thoroughly ingrained in the Des Moines community.

Grant Bauermeister Architectural Intern

Hard work is not left unnoticed.

We are a rooted and collected organization. We have numerous volunteer and team outings that help everyone to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Emmie Brady Interior Designer

Ping pong is essentially an Olympic Sport here.

Not a lunch hour passes without someone picking up the paddles!

Thomas Thatcher Architectural Intern

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