Johnston City Hall honored with masonry award

OPN is honored to receive the Masonry Institute of Iowa Appreciation Award for the soon-to-be complete Johnston City Hall.

MII Appreciation AwardAt the core of a the Johnston Town Center Development, the new city hall is community anchor surrounded by public amenities. The building opens to a community “front yard” that will be a forum, plaza, amphitheater, market and events space to draw the community in and engage with it. A natural material palette featuring limestone imparts a sense of civic permanence while underscoring the building as an inviting community space.

The MII Appreciation Awards are nominated by MII members to recognize projects that utilize masonry. Submissions are judged according to contributions to the masonry industry, community impact, visual appearance, construction detailing and workmanship quality. Projects must utilize a MII supplier or contractor and be located in Iowa.

The new city hall was conceived of as public and private components joined by a central hall that axially connected circulation through the entirety of the site and building, being both community and service oriented. The design plans for flexibility and growth as the community evolves and maximizes efficiency for public users and employees.