Johnston Town Center incorporates public art

The intention of the new city hall was always to be a community anchor surrounded by public amenities, and it is exactly that.

Ripples026 scaledThe Johnston Town Center is finally complete after the installation of their public art pieces, down to the very last scale.  Ripples, the large two-ton stainless steel structure is one of the art features integrated into the Town Center campus. Created by Artist Reinaldo Correa, an Iowa State University assistant teaching professor, and his team, the sculpture is now a landmark in Iowa where visitors may go to make memories.

“A lot of credit goes to the city of Johnston. Many people think of art as an amenity, not a necessity, and sometimes communities don’t see value in these types of projects,” Correa said.

Ripples completeRipples was a collaborative effort, reeling in not only Correa but Iowa State students, the City of Johnston, Confluence, and OPN. There were a lot of details and many decisions that came with a project of this size (20 feet long to be exact). But merging all of these minds generated the best ideas and expertise, ultimately making the project stunning and successful.

“Sometimes what you’re looking for doesn’t exist. You can’t get it in a big-box store; you have to make it yourself,” Correa said. “This entire sculpture is an embodiment of that. Everything, from the frame to the screws to the clamps to hold the individual scales in place, is 100 percent custom.”

The Town Center is now a dynamic place of gathering, learning, fun, and engagement on the Johnston area map. The City of Johnston is kicking off its new forum for community with a grand opening event. Food trucks, splash pad, tours, art, performances, and so many other activities will take place in addition to the social connection the site was made to spark.

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