Des Moines skyline in LEGOs celebrates architecturally rich community and a new LEGO store 

In anticipation of Iowa’s first LEGO store opening in West Des Moines on May 31, OPN associate principal, Joe Feldmann, was inspired to show off the architecturally-rich Des Moines skyline using only the tiny plastic building blocks. 

DSM Skyline 01 Ideas

Feldmann has been a LEGO enthusiast for most of his life. As a kid, he loved anything that allowed him the freedom to create and build. Today, he uses LEGOs as both a creative outlet and a way to disconnect from the complexity of his work.

LEGOs are also a fun way to inspire others to appreciate the impact of architectural design and to explore our great community.
-Joseph Feldmann, Associate Principal, OPN Architects

Feldmann says his greatest challenge in designing the Des Moines skyline set was narrowing down the list of  landmarks. The set uses 1,234 bricks to build seven Downtown Des Moines landmarks. Once designed, the set took Feldmann two hours to construct. Featured in the set are: 

DSM Skyline 03 Ideas
DSM Skyline 04 Ideas

This isn’t the first time Feldmann has merged his passions for architecture, creativity, and fun. He once challenged his son’s kindergarten class to draw buildings that were important to their community. From their drawings, he created city street renderings as a way to show the class the role an architect plays in creating communities. Feldmann’s Des Moines skyline set has the potential to do the same—inspiring next generations of architects and artists to solve problems, enhance communities, and elevate the human experience. 

With enough support—10,000 supporters, to be exact—Feldmann’s design can be reviewed by LEGO and potentially sold as part of the LEGO Architecture series. To show your support, view the design on LEGO Ideas, and click the “Support” button. 

Version 1.0.0
Version 1.0.0