Principal 801 Grand – Executive Conference Center

Des Moines, Iowa

Located on the 16th floor of Iowa’s tallest building, the renovation of this corporate conference center is designed to impress. The client, who frequently flies in guests from New York, London, and many other international financial hubs, had one simple request: create an environment worthy of an elite financial investment group while reflecting the strong corporate values of a Midwest company.

Upon arrival, guests are received at a modest reception desk situated within a grand lobby space. The lobby, with its 180-degree views to the exterior, is further enhanced by a 20-foot long series of LED monitors, artwork, architectural woodwork, and channel glass walls.

Five glass conference rooms – each designed with impressive views to the State Capitol building and varying degrees of privacy – surround the grand lobby space. Long custom conference room tables with convenient slide-out technology drawers are designed to facilitate across-the-table conversations and state-of-the-art group presentations. Soft seating within the space adds a casual touch and offers an alternative setting for more intimate, after-meeting conversations.

Travertine floors and deep wood tones provide a warm and elegant contrast to the clean white walls and ceiling panels. Custom stacked wood walls are featured in each of the conference rooms and two slatted wood walls and ceiling elements accentuate the grand lobby.

Two private conversation rooms, coat and luggage closets, and pantries add needed conveniences and complete the space.

Designed to highlight the client’s values, this corporate conference center is a highly-refined space with a strong sense of warmth, elegance, and stability.

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