If you lived in a kindergartner’s city, it might look like this …

Morten Vanz City 25

Most parents and teachers have probably wondered at least once just what might be going on inside the mind of a five year old.

Earlier this month, OPN Project Architect, Joe Feldmann, asked his son’s kindergarten class to draw a building that is important to their community. He collected their drawings and created city street renderings as a way to show the class the role an architect plays in creating communities. We were so tickled by their creations, we decided to turn the drawings into a movie. So, now you can not only peek into the 5-year-old psyche, but you can also stroll through their city.


At OPN, we appreciate every chance we get to talk to kids of all ages about architecture at STEM events, career fairs, and in classrooms. When today’s architects share the power of  and passion for our profession with audiences from kindergarten through college, we could be inspiring tomorrow’s designers. We also get as much — and often more — out of these experiences as the students. Seeing our world, or future world, through their eyes is a gratifying and inspiring experience.