Veterinary Technology Center

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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    Kirkwood Community College
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The new Veterinary Technology Center replaces an aging facility. Located adjacent to the former facility on Kirkwood Community College’s agricultural campus, the new facility will allow for training of veterinary technician students who provide professional technical support to veterinarians, animal hospitals, and clinics. The center is also located next door to the county’s animal control facility creating easy transfer of animals from the center to be treated by Kirkwood students.

The new building features 18,000 square feet of instructional clinical space along with technical classrooms, animal housing, lounge areas and administrative offices. Hands-on instructional lab spaces include an X-ray room, dental procedure room, and a surgical suite. Technology is integrated into each space. Cameras in the rooms are connected to TVs throughout the facility allowing students to view procedures remotely.

“Our other facility was outdated, here we can give students an opportunity to really work with the latest, which is what students are looking for, they want to be relevant, they want to be cutting edge and I think this facility’s going to do it.” (Retired Kirkwood President Dr. Lori Sundberg)

The $6,6400,00 million renovation was part of $60 million bond referendum approved in 2017, which has enabled the college to pay for much-needed renovations and upgrades to a handful of aging Kirkwood buildings, including the Iowa Hall Student Center, Recreation Center, Automotive Tech, and Washington Hall Agriculture Center.

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