Iowa Hall Student Center

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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    Kirkwood Community College
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The new student center, which includes a renovation of an addition to the existing Iowa Hall, is designed to be the new hub of Kirkwood’s main campus in Cedar Rapids. It’s a place for Kirkwood students to hang out, study, meet up with student clubs or organizations, or meet with academic advisors or career coaches. The project includes a complete renovation of all three floors of Iowa Hall and Mansfield Center, and additions to the north and south of the building. As a multi-functional space, the building serves as a hub for many of the long-term initiatives that the college finds critical in serving the needs of both the social and academic components of the collegiate experience.

By providing a modern one-stop shop for all student services on campus in addition to a variety of spaces for students to gather and linger, Kirkwood hopes the new student center will positively impact student involvement, improve retention rates, and ultimately drive academic success among the colleges’ student body. The planning for the project was guided by four main principles: great service, convenient navigation and way-finding, support for diverse learners, and involvement and engagement for all students. The student center supports the belief that education is about supporting the whole student experience, which is defined on an individual basis, and inclusiveness in higher education.

The new Student Center includes:

  • Study and leisure areas
  • Welcome desk and information station
  • Campus store
  • Centralized student services
  • Larger, state-of-the-art meeting space
  • Multicultural and LGBTQ centers
  • Improved cafe and new coffee bar
  • Global Learning and English Language Association offices
  • Veterans Lounge
  • Art Gallery

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