Congratulations to our Learning Space Design Contest for Kids Winners

In April, we built a Future Architect’s Portal and launched the Learning Space Design Contest for Kids to think creatively about learning spaces while they’re attending school virtually.We asked them:

Since we can’t be in school right now we’re all figuring out new ways to teach and learn. Now that you’ve had a few weeks to try something new, we want to know how you would design your ideal learning space. Do you like learning at home? Where do you do your schoolwork? When you go back to school, what do you wish was in your classroom?

We received nine submissions, filled with so much thoughtful creativity. Our three (randomly selected) winners are highlighted here. All of the submissions have been added to the future architect’s page.

While the contest is over, the activity is still available along with many other great drawing and architecture-related resources. We can’t wait to see what the next generation of architects creates. If these nine are any indication, it will be great!  .

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