West Willow & Maple Grove Elementary Schools

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Client
    Cedar Rapids Community School District
  • SQ. FT.
    97,063 (West Willow) & 96,347 (Maple Grove)
  • Budget
    $21,536,021 (West Willow) & $20,293,133 (Maple Grove)
  • Market
  • Year
    2021 (West Willow) & 2022 (Maple Grove)

West Willow and Maple Grove are two new elementary schools in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. West Willow opened in August 2021; Maple Grove opened for the first day of the 2022/2023 school year.

The first new schools built by the district in more than two decades, both new elementary schools are part of the implementation of the first phase of the district’s master plan to reduce the overall inventory of elementary attendance centers.

Both buildings were constructed on the site of the existing school. The new building was constructed before the old building was demolished and the site developed. West Willow and Maple Grove are both designed to accommodate the populations of three existing elementary schools, all of which will be decommissioned after the new buildings open. Each of the new schools reflects their respective neighborhoods.

OPN led benchmarking trips with Cedar Rapids stakeholders, conducted community open houses, and met with students and staff in the district to gain broad stakeholder input. The result is two schools that provide welcoming designs that will help promote collaborative learning in light-filled teaching environments.

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