Waunakee Community Bank

Waunakee, Wisconsin

The single-story, 6,600-square-foot branch was designed to reflect the ideals of the bank and the Village of Waunakee. The building form uses modern vocabulary from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style architecture. Use of horizontal lines, flat ceilings, horizontal clerestory windows, with strong overhanging eaves fit comfortably in the rural Midwestern setting and creates open well lit interior volumes that speak to the transparency of form.

Exterior materials connect to the surrounding area: stone from Chilton, Wisconsin, provides a solid base, while wood panels offer contrast with warmth and variation. Exterior finishes repeat in the interior offering rhythm, balance, transparency with pure simplicity. Linear clerestory windows cast daylight into the large gallery corridor of the bank, creating a prime gathering space.

The voluminous reception provides a focal point upon entering the bank with a celebration of two main axis grounded with a stone wall. Large windows open to the conference space beyond allowing you to see through the building. The flanking teller’s row is celebrates the bank’s branding color with simplistic, honest, warm details. The opposite end of the cross axis are large windows bookending the gallery corridor, creating a remarkable feature at the corner of two high traffic roads.

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