Rockwell Collins Buildings 130 + 131

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • SQ. FT.
    120,000; 150,000
  • Budget
    $11,500,000; $23,500,000
  • Market
  • Leed
    Gold; Silver
  • Year

Buildings 130 and 131 are office/electrical laboratory spaces that implored simple and effective floor plans using an efficient building system. These project presented an opportunity for Rockwell to create a central plaza joining the buildings and a new cafe space for both buildings to share. At the onset of the project, the Owner expressed a priority for sustainable strategies and LEED certification.

The buildings are 120,000 and 150,000 square feet respectively. An economical, long-span, pre-engineered building system with a low slope, metal, standing seam roof was a perfect match. Project cost for Building 130 is comfortably under $100.00 per square foot. Centered in the west façade is the public entry area capped with a 1,400-square-foot clerestory houses the main training room, visitor’s lobby, and public conference rooms. The exterior of this highlight wall is clad with shingled zinc-coated copper panels.

Building 131 features a custom-designed cafeteria that opens to an outdoor plaza between the two buildings. Use of natural materials and nature themes reinforce the client’s focus on environmental sustainability while the new office and cafe spaces demonstrate their commitment to employee satisfaction and comfort.

Sustainable strategies of these facilities include
  • Occupancy sensors for HVAC and lighting
  • Electrical consumption was reduced via fixture and laminar selection
  • Diversion of 99% of construction waste, over 2000 tons, was kept out of landfills
  • 30 dedicated preferred parking spaces for low-emissions and fuel efficient vehicles
  • 40% water use reduction though the use of waterless urinals, dual-flush toilets and sensor activated faucets
  • Building exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2004 minimum energy performance by over 24 percent
  • Over 15% of the building material is post-consumer and pre-consumer re-cycled content

Building 130 is LEED Gold Certified. Building 131 is LEED Silver Certified.

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