Methodist Manor Retirement Community

Storm Lake, Iowa

When Methodist Manor Retirement Community was originally constructed in 1967 and expanded in 1972 and 1980, the four radial wings accommodated 86 beds in side-by-side semi-private bedrooms along long corridors with few public spaces. By 2014, dictated by changes in regulations, the facility had transitioned to 9 private rooms and 33 semi-private rooms with a total capacity of 75 residents. Methodist Manor hired OPN Architects to design a replacement for the current deteriorating facility that expanded both living and social spaces.

The new three-story addition, 95-bed replacement skilled nursing facility connected to the existing retirement complex includes single (some are bariatric specific) and double-resident units, country kitchen and dining areas, sunrooms, administration offices, resident support rooms, resident activity rooms, public entry and toilets, community room, elevators, salon, bathing suites, outdoor patio, recreational spaces, and physical therapy spaces. The overall size of the facility addition is approximately 80,000 gross square feet, and approximately 4,000 gross square feet of remodeled spaces in the existing facility adjacent to the new construction.

The new facility contains five households of 18 to 20 residents. Each household provides primarily private resident bedrooms and individual bathrooms, along with several double bedrooms to accommodate spouses that will allow couples to share living space as they did at home. One of the households is dedicated to memory care along with an independent outdoor patio. The bedrooms surround central living spaces, including a sizable living room, country kitchen and dining room that are adjacent to unique sunrooms that take advantage of the gorgeous views to the lake. All of these spaces promote socialization and feature residential elements, furnishings and finishes to emulate the comforts of home.

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