Marshall County Courthouse

Marshalltown, Iowa

OPN Architects is working with Marshall County, Iowa on a comprehensive master plan of county-owned and leased buildings. OPN is examining the physical structures as well as the current usage and projected needs of county users.

This planning exercise includes an analysis of the historic Madison County Courthouse. Increased demand for juvenile and juried courtroom space is restricting the function of the courthouse. Marshall County is looking at combining related courtroom utilities with similar county departments to reduce redundancies and wasted resources. The courthouse also needs to modernize their security features including adding checkpoints to the County Judicial and Districts Attorney’s Office. In addition to the master plan, OPN will provide a long-range plan for infrastructure maintenance and construction costs including window replacement, door replacement, and restoration of the historic structure.

Options presented to the County will examine short-term and long-term solutions that consolidate leased space and combine adjacent, compatible departments in new efficient ways.

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