Marshall County Courthouse

Marshalltown, Iowa

On Thursday, July 19, 2018 an EF-3 with a recorded 144 mph wind tornado hit the center of Marshalltown, Iowa leaving a path of destruction. The Marshall County Courthouse was one of the buildings damaged by this storm. The primary damage from the tornado was the spire level down to the base of dome which came out of the building and fell on the east roof eventually to the ground, the interior which was inundated with water when multiple sprinkler lines in the attic broke on the east side of the building. As result of the impact from the spire, the chimneys which sustained differing levels of damage along with the roof and gutter that was impacted from falling debris and high winds removing sections of roof material.
OPN Architects was hired to provide condition survey, an evaluation report and documents with Shuck-Britson Inc. on the Marshall County Courthouse exterior and interior projects. We found that existing wood dome structure and wood sheathing had been twisted and was damaged beyond repair. The exterior survey work was completed by a two-man basket and crane located on the site for observation assessment of the of the tower, dome, flatlock roofs, chimneys and slate roof.

A new dome was provided above the masonry level of the tower and designed to be fabricated on the grade and lifted into position to minimize the timeframe the building is exposed to weather below in the finished spaces.

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