Marion Fire Station Headquarters

Marion, Iowa
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    City of Marion
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 Sited in a rapidly growing area of Marion, the city’s third fire station and new headquarters was designed with the firefighters’ physical and mental health in mind. Embedded into the design are principals of biophilia — or focusing the design on nature to improve mental health. Bedrooms, for firefighters’ 24-hour shifts, will have floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over a green roof and have patios, all in an effort to help firefighters de-stress. The new fire headquarters will also include decontamination areas, or decon, to keep carcinogens from fires that get on firefighters’ gear away from their bodies and living areas. There are separate areas for firefighters to take off their gear and rinse off after a fire before enter-ing a clean room for a full shower and lockers with clean clothes.The station will be 20,000 square feet and include the Fire Department’s administrative offices. Also on the land, officials plan a retention pond that doubles as a place for ice-rescue training. The new fire station will likely improve response times and lower the number of times all units are out on call.

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