Linn Hall

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Linn Hall opened in 1969 and was Kirkwood Community College’s first permanent building. The 200,000 square-foot building houses a diverse range of academic programs, including science, math, business, health, and English. The College’s radio station, KCCK, and its television studio are also located in Linn Hall.

The comprehensive renovation completely addressed the building’s aging infrastructure with updates to the HVAC systems, fire alarm and sprinkler systems, electrical, plumbing, and telecommunications. The plan also called for an increase in the number of restrooms and upgrades to classrooms and labs.

As a large central building, the College and design team were committed to keeping Linn Hall open throughout the three-year renovation. The design team proposed a detailed phased approach to the project. Departments affected by reconstruction were temporarily relocated to other buildings, minimizing the overall disruption to faculty and staff.

  • Objectives:
    Create and maintain a presence on campus with recognizable centers
    Create a sense of community for students, faculty, staff, and administration
    Promote efficiencies of space within the departments by locating support functions adjacent to instructional areas
    Complete systems replacement with energy- and cost-efficient solutions
    Incorporate sustainable design initiatives through efficient building systems and materials, and reusable resources

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