Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust – First Avenue

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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    Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust
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The image of banking is changing. Traditionally, financial institutions have pursued a conservative, secure, and “heavy” architecture relying on solid materials and classical elements. Today, banks are presenting a much more personable and approachable front. Large panel glass, open offices, natural light, and friendly smiles are all part of the current bank ambiance.

As Cedar Rapids’ fastest growing bank, Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust wanted to present a combined message in their new main facility. OPN combined a solid Anamosa limestone base, repeating metal columns, richly stained mahogany accents, and a brick tower to portray the traditions of stability and security. The building also uses contemporary metals and glass, stainless steel accents, open offices, and a grand open stair to add vibrancy and a sense of accessibility to the public.

Located prominently on First Avenue, the building sits one story above the road on it lustrous limestone plinth. While isolated from bustling street traffic, the jewel box glass structure connects to the adjacent community through views and lighting.

“I am proud to recommend the services of OPN. The staff at OPN has become a valuable asset, as we have developed our expansion plans… they were extremely competent and easy to work with. Their work has been timely, accurate, and thorough. ….we anticipate using them again for future construction and expansion.”

— Larry J. Helling, Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust

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