Designing for Education

An architectural showcase for superintendents and school business officials

Join OPN Architects for an exclusive look at the architectural design process tailored to superintendents and school business officials. Spend the day exploring architecture, planning, and design through interactive sessions specific to PK-12 education.

There is a wide variety of topics to learn about. Choose from the following interactive, hands-on sessions to attend during the day:

Master Planning, Communication
Understand the points of information that inform a master plan and explore implementations. Why do bonds fail? Learn communication best practices & lessons learned.

Interior Design and Biophilia
Explore biophilic design through a practical experience of choosing sustainable finishes and design elements within the Interior Design library.

Safety/Security Conversation/Workshop
Understand the safety and security challenges facing K-12 schools. Recognize items beyond the obvious safety and security issues and understand both passive and active measures.

Technology in Design (3D Printing/VR/Aug Reality)
The use of technology has transformed the way we explore architecture and communicate with our clients. From early planning to coordination during construction and everything in between. Spend some time with the technology group to learn more about the tools we use and what we continue to explore.

Designing for Education will be hosted at our Des Moines Studio on July 11.

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