Jacob Gasper

Part of the Iowa State University class of 2021, Jacob received his Bachelor of Architecture degree and spent a year working for STARTT in Rome, Italy. There, he worked on several notable historic buildings across the country. Jacob is inspired by the never-ending possibilities of design, which motivates him to push for new and exciting answers to present and past problems. He also enjoys design for its uniting qualities: bringing people from different backgrounds together to dream, create, and collaborate.

Q. When did you know you wanted to be an architect or designer?

A. Growing up in a small Iowa town, I initially became interested in architecture after visiting Chicago and seeing all the skyscrapers. But once in school, I realized architecture encompasses much more than just buildings, and became passionate about urban design, research, landscapes, installations, digital fabrication, and many other parts of the profession.

Q. What is one way you’d like architecture or design evolve?

A. I am interested in how new technologies in software and fabrication can create new workflows and design possibilities while also becoming more accessible to all designers.