Ruth Kuswara

Ruth interned with OPN for the summer of 2021 and joined the Des Moines studio after graduating from Iowa State in 2022. She pursued architecture because of the potential it has to add value to the lives of so many people: “It has the power to create beautiful spaces that improve the health and well-being of people, empower them to live, work, play, worship in the best possible ways.” Her passion lies in sitting down with people to listen to their stories and needs.

Q: Which phase of a project is your favorite? 

A: My favorite phase of a project is design development. I love figuring out the details of a design and imagining what it may look like once everything comes together.

Q:  What makes OPN unique?

A: OPN always strives to design with excellence and has the desire (and passion) to nurture and mentor younger generations of designers.