Eric Nofsinger

A former Marine Officer, Eric joined OPN in 2022 after receiving his Master in Architecture degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Twice was Eric a research assistant where the projects became gallery exhibits, and his final studio project was the Zimmerman Graduate Architecture Award winner and AIA Chicago Award nominee. Eric enjoys architecture for the platform it provides to be ambassadors and implementers of positive change in the world. Which is why the people around him are what ultimately inspire his work. He believes, “Great design doesn’t happen in a bubble–engaging in teamwork and bouncing ideas around creates the feedback loop that pushes a project further.“

Q: Do you have a mantra or saying that you remind yourself of during projects??

A: Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.

Q: If there was a movie about your life, who would star as you??

A: Ty Burrell playing Phil Dunphy playing me.