Elizabeth Seiberling

With a focus on healthcare facilities, Liz applies her knowledge of facility standards, experience and regulating codes, to create a comforting and functional environment that promotes innovative teaching and promotes the education of wellness and healing. Liz thrives in user-focused design, always striving to offer function in a pleasing and engaging environment.

Q: What makes your studio unique?

A: Because Iowa City is a small studio we are like a little family, full of entertaining conversations and differing points of view. We each bring different experiences and perspectives to the table that help shape our product.


Q: When did you know you wanted to be an architect or designer?

A: I was studying in Florence, Italy, working toward a Masters of Architectural Studies, and I had sort of “aha moment” realizing I didn’t want to write about or teach the history of architecture my whole life, I wanted to play a more hands on role and actually help design it. I applied for the professional masters program the next day.