Ken Hagen

As a senior project architect at OPN Architects, Ken has spent most of his 20 years of practice designing student-centric spaces. His recent experience includes multiple new high schools, master planning and implementation for several districts, a new performing arts center for a school district, and a re-imagined visitor experience at a performance venue for a university.  In planning and designing spaces for both students and educators – from pre-K to postgraduate – Ken has an approach that is rooted in integrating pedagogy, design, and function. He finds inspiration in the intersection of materials and experiences.

Q: What inspires your work?

A: Everything! Empathy for those you are creating for, the space or site which the project will be located, the sun angle, weather…Anything and everything should influence design. It is one of the things that makes design so unique, subjective, and special.


Q: What is one way you’d like architecture or design evolve?

A: To see the public see the true benefit of great design. So many times architects are thought of as a luxury. We provide such an in depth look at systems, programming…everything is so critical.