Soham Dongre

Soham received his Bachelor of Architecture in India in 2019 and earned his Master of Architecture last month with a Health & Well-Being Concentration from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. While a student, Soham studied multiple international designs for his theses and projects, and completed an internship with DiMella Shaffer in Boston.

The power of imagination is the best part about architecture for Soham. He appreciates the incredible impact and inspiration an environment can leave on a person, as well as the positivity design provokes.

Q: What’s your favorite landmark and why?

A: Eiffel tower – Its beautiful structural expression – I love the energy that structure emits, it inspires me to achieve heights!

Q: Do you have a mantra or saying that you remind yourself of during projects?

A: I believe that architecture is the thoughtful making of space. It is a back and forth process. Architecture goes beyond mere construction and is a deliberate process of shaping spaces that evoke emotions and human experiences.