Andrew Tawfik

Andrew is a recent Bachelor of Architecture graduate from Iowa State University. His interest in architecture started from a visit to the St. Paul Monastery in Egypt. Originally from Egypt, the monastery is now his favorite landmark for its simplicity and the vernacular architecture that takes place in the design.

It’s all about the details for Andrew, as he enjoys the detail-oriented aspect of the industry where there is focus on every single small, specific part in a building. He pictures it as an open field of creativity, where you get to try new skills and techniques to create something new out of nothing. Andrew is a self-motivated person who is inspired by many different facets of architecture. His true passion comes from his desire to fix the norm or stereotype of it just being walls and windows. He believes each aspect of architecture and the smallest of details are impactful and therefore motivating as a future architect.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be an architect or designer?

A: My favorite is St. Paul Monastery in Egypt, it is my favorite structure because of the simplicity and the vernacular architecture take place in the design. That first time I saw the monastery was the spark that introduced me to architecture.

Q: What makes OPN unique?

A: It is the diversity factor that makes OPN studio unique from all other studios. Diversity is important for a healthy firm that wants to be productive.