OPN is proud to be a place of empathy and inclusivity

The built environment has a powerful effect on humanity. As architects, we have an obligation to not only advocate for equitable and inclusive environments but to actively participate in the resolution of systemic problems that are at the root of disparity. At OPN, we embrace our responsibility to care for each other.

We strive to be a place of empathy and inclusivity because diversity in both people and perspectives is fundamental to creating extraordinary designs that delight and inspire optimism.

Through our firm values, culture, and practice, we are committed to leaving the world better than we found it. Our staff is encouraged to bring their lived experiences to the design process. Diversity of opinions and perspectives makes the conversation better, the final solution stronger, and ultimately fosters ownership of a shared vision. Just as we challenge ourselves, we welcome when our clients challenge us to ensure our design is inclusive of all perspectives and equitable for all.

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For example, at Pinney Library, the client was committed to gender neutral bathrooms. Navigating city codes that did not specify this type of solution, we ended up with eight toilet rooms with family, unisex, and accessible features. The fully separate, unisex restrooms provide the toilet counts and level of privacy desired by the code while still allowing for non-identifying patrons, parents, children, and caregivers to successfully use the restroom in a secure and inclusive environment.

At OPN, we are committed to ensuring that our clients, community, partners, and staff feel heard, valued, and supported. One of the ways we manifest these values is by creating equitable environments. We take pride in a culture that fosters real relationships between co-workers and clients. We are:

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