Welcome Back, Isaac Bracher

Isaac, a familiar face to many at OPN, will rejoin the team in Des Moines on Tuesday. During his first tour of duty at OPN, Isaac was integral to the design of projects such as Delta Dental and Bright Grandview Clubhouse and the preservation of Grant Wood Studio and Madison County Courthouse.

Isaac Bracher

Isaac Bracher, OPN Des Moines

Where are you from? Santa Claus, Indiana
What do you like about the industry? Having the privilege of making an impact on people’s lives through the built environment.
What inspires your work? The contextual landscape around the site, and the art, architecture, and experiences from my travels.
If you were a cake, which flavor would you be and why? Vanilla. It’s classic and goes with everything.
Which phase of a project is your favorite? Construction. It’s the point in a project when the design and details are finally realized.