OPN Says a Grateful Goodbye to Dan Thies

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One day, 40 years later, you look back at a body of work and think, ‘we did all that!?’

Indeed, we did. With a lot of help. That is why, as I look back on the last four decades, it is is with a grateful heart that I say goodbye to all of the co-composers and co-authors and especially the more than 300 talented men and women who have been a part of my OPN story throughout the last 43 years.

Thank you.


Since our inception and my first days as a young drafter, in 1979, through today, as I step down as president, OPN has always valued collaboration with each other and with our clients, peers, consultants, and communities. We have learned a great deal from these relationships. They have fundamentally changed and influenced the way we problem solve, explore and share ideas, and seek clarity in our work. Trust and respect are the foundation of a collaborative spirit.

Terry Gebard 2020As I step away from OPN, I have the utmost trust and respect for Terry Gebard, who starts this new year as president of OPN. I have worked closely with Terry for all of his 31 years at OPN, including the last 22 years as a partner. He opened our Des Moines studio in 2003 and has built strong, long-term relationships throughout Iowa and beyond. Under his direction, I have every confidence that OPN will continue to live our core values to care for each other, build relationships, empower people, and pursue excellence.



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Daniel Thies