Kirkendall Public Library honored by IIDA Great Plains Chapter with Excellence Award

The Kirkendall Public Library has been honored by the IIDA Great Plains Chapter with an Interior Design Excellence Award . Each year IIDA Great Plains Chapter celebrates Excellence in Interior Design by awarding projects that have exceptional interior design. All projects are judged all on the same criteria. good design, no matter the scale or sector of the project.

The Kirkendall Public Library was conceived of as part of a new development for a growing midwestern city.  The vision for the development was to model a traditional town square. It was important that the new building strike the appropriate civic tone.  The library’s Art Deco proportion and massing are modernized with material choices that lend a sense of endurance and permanence.

The southwest facing building’s long, narrow bars drive daylight deep into the space, while north facing saw tooth light monitor s flood both levels of the library with natural lighting. The finish palette selected is intentionally simple, bright, and clean. Warm wood accents visually anchor the space, holding the ends of floor openings that connect the two levels and denoting meeting spaces and amenities throughout the facility. The carpet acts as a wayfinding tool, highlighting circulation paths around the floor openings while also creating clear paths to checkout desks, children’s play areas, and sitting areas.

Furnishings in children’s zones were selected to inspire activity and encourage development of motor skills while reinforcing the natural material palette of the library.