Real Success podcast featuring David Sorg

David sketching WEB 427x399“One of the things I’ve always admired about the field of architecture is its balancing act. A great architect must meet the immediate needs of their client, while also taking into consideration the lasting impact of their design on the community and the built environ­ment. It’s about being visionary yet pragmatic, techni­cal yet creative – all while working with budgetary and time constraints that would make most people wilt. It’s a tough tightrope to walk, and explains why architects remain among the most respected professionals in the business world.

Dave Sorg exemplifies that ability in his work as principal of OPN Architects, the Cedar Rapids-based firm behind many well-known buildings in the Corri­dor. He joined the then-small firm in 1992 while still a student at Iowa State, and has helped OPN build a reputation for intelligent, thoughtful design. He now co-leads the firm’s Design Excellence program, where he works to ensure that every project offers a clean, simple and beautiful solution to clients.

Mr. Sorg sat down with me to discuss his path into the field, the skills every architect needs and the iconic buildings in our own region that speak to his personal design philosophy.” [excerpt from CBJ]

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