OPN Architects Retreat 2019

Each year all four of our studios take two days to gather as one OPN. This year we enjoyed all the barbeque, jazz, sports, and, of course, architecture, that Kansas City, Missouri, is known for. Treasured landmarks in juxtaposition with post-revival works made downtown KC the ideal location for OPN’s 2019 retreat.

“The intention behind each retreat is unite, inspire, and connect.” -OPN President, Dan Theis


We are a firm that is made up for four studios throughout the midwest but we believe in one vision and one team. Events like these allow us to cement that concept each year.

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We set aside two days to focus on how we can make the craft that we do everyday that much more meaningful. This year we were honored to welcome Marlon Blackwell of Marlon Blackwell Architects as our keynote speakers to share inspiration from his personal practice to elevate ours.

“I work from a conviction that architecture is larger than the subject of architecture. I try to look at the world with a wide-angle microscopic lens to generate ideas and actions from concrete experiences of the everyday that form the basis of inspiration and potential for making.” – Marlon Blackwell

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Every year we visit architecture that sparks conversation, connection, and inspiration. We toured corporate headquarters, restored churches, modern higher education facilities and for fun, we also throw in a friendly architectural photography competition.

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