Marilyn Stephanou

A Cyprus native, Marilyn joined OPN in the summer of 2020 after earning her Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University. She has a great passion for architecture, and understands it not only as a way of communicating ideas, but an opportunity to bring people and communities together. To Marilyn, successful design is measured by the synergy between real-world functionality and habitation of built-space.

Q: What inspires your work?

A:  The opportunity to design something that can make a real difference and inspire the way people live their everyday lives. I also enjoy the fact that every day is a learning experience. By working, I am able to learn new things and constantly improve my skills, and at the same time, learn new ones.

Q: What is one way you’d like architecture or design to evolve? 

A:  I would want to see architecture convert to 100% sustainable design.